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  • Avatar problems


    i have imported my PHPBB2 forum to VB 3.

    everything seems to be working fine.

    appart from the avatars are not shown in posts. they appear under the members list but not in actuall posts.

    Also none of my images are working in posts. the [img][/img] tags just give a URL and no picture.

    please help me

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    Check the forums to see if the permission is turned on to use the [img] tag in forums.
    And check the vbulletin options section to see if [img] should be displayed inline or as a link.

    You could try to update counters to see if all the user profile details are updated to also show the avatar in the posts.


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      ok the perrmisions are turned on.

      and i have done the update counters for all options.

      still the same thing.


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        thought the support was quick around here?!!? help please i need this to work!

        i have studied every page in the vbulletin options section and cant find the "img should be displayed inline or as a link" anyware in it.


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          Well, I did reply to your question promptly, and just helped 15 other customers. Right now I am browsing through the vBulletin options to find the exact option for you.

          Yes, you thought correctly - the support is quite quick here, our support ticket system currently shows:

          Average response time(last 30 support issues)
          0 hr : 06 min


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            ok thankyou.


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              If you see [img] links being shown as URL instead of IMG, please goto your user control panel > options > and check if [x] display images is checked or not checked.

              If it isn't, then check it and save the options page. And see if that changed things.

              Goto the Admin Control Panel > Import & Maintenance > Execute SQL Query > and pick 'On- Display Images' from the dropdown list to change all the users.

              i have studied every page in the vbulletin options section and cant find the "img should be displayed inline or as a link" anyware in it.
              I just checked too and it seems I have remembered this as a setting from version 2. It is a bit different in version 3 now. The section 'default registration options' will now have a checkbox for 'display images' for new users who register. Make sure that is checked, so new users are by default seeing the images.


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                aye thats done it!! cheers floris sorry for bein abit stupid before lol.


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                  Hi there again,

                  I am glad we are able to help you swiftly with your questions. And no problem, I can understand you want to work on your site and run into (so it seems) unforseen issues.

                  If you have any further questions feel free to ask. With an import it is always smart to make sure all the users and the forums and your staff members, calendar, and other permissions and settings are set correctly.

                  The import system is constantly improving, partially due to welcomed feedback from customers.

                  Good luck with your web site.


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