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  • Postbit_legacy HELP

    How do i fix the postbit for legacy so that the postbit doesnt get smaller when bigger posts like such are made?

    I need help. Thanks

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    I am sorry, that page renders just fine in my browser. I don't quite get it what you are trying to explain or want to fix.


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      page renders fine but look at the postbit. It gets pushed to the left as far possible if The CODE is big.

      Try enlarging fonts on your screen if u dont see it.


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        you are speaking of the code block bleeding off the page right?

        Right now it's rendering fine for me in mozilla, but i have noticed on occasion, it does do that sometimes.

        Edit: as for the postbit getting larger as a post gets longer, thats the way it's designed.


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          I no this is ot an error and i didn't say the postbit gets larger hehe.

          I said it gets smaller. It shrinks.

          The width of the table get smaller.

          I can make a pic if u dont no what i am tlaking about.

          But the code is not going off the page. What is happening is the posbit width decreases.

          Heres the pic.

          Look at the top postbit. That is normal. Then the bottom one is the smaller one due to the text in the post. THis never happened in vb2 and it is very annoying on our forums. Is there any html code to fix this? And if so what should i do?
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            Its an IE thing mostly, as each browser will interprate how the code is displayed abit differntly.


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              So is there anyway to fix this problem?


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                Does anyone have anything that can fix this for me. I would really appreciate it because it is really bogging down my forum because everyone posts codes and it just is ruinging how I really want the forums to looks like.


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