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  • optimizing big thumbnail creation

    I'm uploading large images, ~ 1MB, 2560x1920 pixels, and making large thumbnails, of 640x480 pixels... but it times out after 30 seconds. Now, granted this usage is kinda but I still need this to work. I turned off sharpening, but it's still not happy for the larger images.

    Edit: by larger images I mean over 1 MB. If it's around 1MB, it'll happily do it, which is no small feat. I had it running at making thumbnails of 1024 pixels in width, and that seems to work for images of around 0.5-0.75 MB, but once you get over 1MB, it's impossible to do even a 640 thumbnail.
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    Email a sample image with this problem to me at freddie @ vbulletin dot com


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      E-mail sent.


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        Are you able to make a thumbnail of any size with this image?


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          Thanks to Freddie and Boxy for helping me resolve this question - for anyone else who may be interested, turning off image sharpening can be a big help... but if you still want to keep it, the "bottlenecks" that give problems are PHP timeouts (increase from 30 to say, 90 seconds) and MySQL packet sizes (increase from 1MB to 5 or 10MB).


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