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Multiple definitions for one smiley?

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  • Floris
    It is currently not possible to define several smilies for just one emoticon.
    The only alternative you have right now is the one you suggested yourself (but then it would indeed appear twice on the smilies-list).

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  • Dockaych
    started a topic Multiple definitions for one smiley?

    Multiple definitions for one smiley?

    Is there any way I can force more than one definition of a smiley?

    For example, say I wanted to specify and to be the same image, how would I do that without having the same smiley listed twice in my smiley box?

    I tried making a replacement variable in the style manager, so that became , but this didn't get parsed by the smiley system. I tried using the same thing to define the [.img] tag of the smiley image directly, but that just caused problems if anyone used the smiley in a subject line.

    Any ideas?

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