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PM Notification defunct after upgrade (js?)

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  • PM Notification defunct after upgrade (js?)

    I recently upgraded to vB 3.0.1, and have run into a number of problems, one of them being this one:

    When a member receives a PM, the normal popup notification comes up, but clicking OK, then having it open in a new window opens up a blank website (without address), while having it open in the same window just opens up the forum homepage.

    My guess is that it is either the javascript or some template incompatibilities. Any suggestions? What templates should I check in?

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    upgrade from what? early vB3 betas or vB2?


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      Originally posted by Zachery
      upgrade from what? early vB3 betas or vB2?
      vb 3 RC 2


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        Well, I've been trying, painstakingly, to figure out what's wrong. I figured it might have to do with some custom templates I had that may not have agreed with the upgrade.

        I ended up trying to make a new style entirely, with the default templates for the version in question. It still doesn't work though. Still opens up a new blank page, or brings you back to the forum home.


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          delete the clientscript folder and reupload it, then try a hard refresh, by perssing ctrl + f5 on windows


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            Well, I gave that a try as it made sense that some of the files in the folder might have been uploaded badly, but it's still doing the same thing.

            It seems like the variables just aren't being passed when it's set to use the same window for PM's, and nothing is passing to the pop-up PM inbox window.

            What might have gone wrong? This is the strangest thing.


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              Well, case suspended I guess:

              I made a full new install of the software, and it didn't fix anything. Doing it a second time, however, did the trick. Go figure.

              Thanks for your help, Zachery!