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I keep getting a navigation ERROR...sometimes...

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  • I keep getting a navigation ERROR...sometimes...

    Every so often I keep getting a page cannot be displayed message. Since my board is new, I'm on it on and off maybe a good 5 hours or more a day. Out of those, I prob will get around 4-5 page cannot be displayed messages. Any thoughts? It happens anywhere. From sending a private message, to submitting a thread, to just browsing. Any suggestions? All of my permissions are set right. Its a win 2000 dedicated machine. PHP 4.3.4.

    Thanks to all.

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    getting the same thing also


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      after searching other threads. this might accually be a apache problem. You might want to set your max clients higher.


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        oops.. just noticed its a windows machine.. i dunno then


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          hmmm.....anyone? this is costing me members. This even happens on registration and even when the click the forum button on my main site.

          I don't think it can be a server problem, just because I serf my site hours per day to iron out all the wrinkles, and it never does this on my site only forum...

          HELP HELP!!


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            If it's not a server issue, then what do you think it is? Have you installed any hacks (including portals) or added any code to the headinclude, header or phpinclude templates? If not, fill out a support ticket at:


            Be sure to include the login info to your Admin CP, phpMyAdmin and FTP. If you have installed hacks or added code, then remove the hacks first then check and see if you still have this problem. If so, leave the default vB files in place and fill out the support request.
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