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  • linking forum to another page

    Before upgrading to vB3 we had a couple of forum titles html linked to take the user to another page before proceeding to the forum.

    Now, using the vB3 redirect feature, the forum info is removed from the forums homepage. Is there any way to use the redirect while maintaining the homepage forum info?

    We could switch back to the html linked forum title but the drawback there is that email notifications show the html tags when giving the name of the forum.
    Eat Your Veggies

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    I don't quite understand what you mean, could you try explaining it differently?


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      okie dokie

      Amongst our 50 forums we have two that when you click on them from the home page you are first taken to a Front Page. Here's one of them:

      To do this I have the title of the forum placed as a hyperlink. The problem with that is the email notifications and the head tag of the forum have html tags in them like this:

      Hello Cynthia Mosher,

      scrappinmomof3 has just replied to a thread you have subscribed to entitled - Ongoing issue - Please share your thoughts - in the <a href="">Diapering</a> forum of MotheringDotCommune Forums.

      This thread is located at:

      See what I mean?

      It also places the title of the page of the forum as <a>Diapering</a>

      When we tried to use the new vB3 redirect feature for linking specific forums to other pages It places dashes for the thread info that should appear on the home page - last post, threads, posts

      So that's an unwanted side effect. What I would like to know is if we can use the redirect feature but also have the forum's info - last post, threads, posts - show on the home page like all the other forums.

      Is that clearer?
      Eat Your Veggies


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        You can turn a forum into a link by entering the link in your:

        Admin CP -> Forums & Moderators -> Forum Manager -> Edit Forum -> Forum Link


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          That's what I'm calling a redirect I suppose. And it's that feature that, when applied, causes a loss of the forum info. I don't want to lose that info.
          Eat Your Veggies


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            Oh I see.

            That is going to require some custom code. You can take care of the post and thread counts by using the method I posted in this thread.

            The last post info will take some additional code. I can put something together when I get home this afternoon.


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              Thanks Jake! I'd appreciate it.
              Eat Your Veggies


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