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HTML Markup doesn't override

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  • Brandy
    figured it out

    I figured it out - that person has to go their usercp and choose to be identified by their additional member group from the "Group Membership" link.

    Also, I repaired and optimized tables and then it worked for the primary usergroup too.


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  • Brandy
    started a topic HTML Markup doesn't override

    HTML Markup doesn't override

    I've had this problem all along - can't figure it out. I just upgraded from 3.0 to 3.1 to see if it would fix it. It was a clean upgrade and it still doesn't work.

    Here's what I have:

    Usergroup: Registered User
    This group as no HTML Markup

    I have a paid subscription UserGroup: Contributing Member
    This group has HTML Markup and a different UserTitle

    When the paid subscription goes through, the users primary usergroup is: Registered User. Their secondary usergroup is: Contributing Member

    The HTML Markup AND the usertitle overrides do not work.

    I have both Usergroups set to YES for: Allow Users to have Member Groups (Sets whether or not permissions from the user's member (secondary) user group memberships are inherited or not)

    If I manually make the user's primary usergroup: Contributing Member, and the secondary usergroup: Registered User; the usertitle override works, but the HTML Mark up still doesn't work.

    To make it more interesting....
    The moderator's are all set as primary usergroup: Moderator and their secondary usergroup: Registered User; and their usertitle override AND their HTML Mark up works!

    I had someone work on my site before, and maybe he messed this up? Because the HTML Markup *did* work in the beginning when I tested it. But I reverted the two templates that he had edited, and it still doesn't work.

    Where would I look to figure out what might be causing this problem?
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