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  • Group permissions for 2 groups

    I use to be on phpBB2 and it seemed so much simpler and got exactly what I needed easily. Now I'm so confused with the way vBulletin handles group/forum permissions.

    OK anyways, my question in simple form:
    I have 2 usergroups - regular, vip
    and 2 forums - main, special

    If you are a regular member you only get access to the main forum.
    If you are a vip member, you only get access to the special forum.
    If you're a member of BOTH, then you should get access to both forums. But that is what I can't seem to get set up.

    It seems it depends on which group I set as primary. If the user's primary group is vip, then even if they belong to both group, they can't get into the main forum.

    Is this even possible, or am I doing something wrong? Thanks alot for anyone's help

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    It should work. If you have the permissions set correctly, then it shouldn't matter which is the primary group. Perhaps you can explain in more detail exactly what you've done.
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      Thanks for the quick reply
      OK here's what I did:

      1. Went to Forum Permissions > Quick Forum Permission Setup
      2. I selected the forum "main" and usergroup "regular"
      3. Set everything to "YES"

      4. Repeat, this time selecting the forum "special" group "vip"
      5. Set everything to "YES"

      6. Then I did the reverse, I selected forum "main" and group "vip"
      7. Set everything to "NO"
      8. Selected forum "special" and group "regular"
      9. Set everything to "NO"

      I have a testuser who belongs to both "regular" and "vip" but he can only view the special forum, and not the regular forum.

      EDIT: I just noticed this when looking at the actual group info:

      Allow Users to have Member Groups (Sets whether or not permissions from the user's member (secondary) user group memberships are inherited or not)

      I guess I should set that to YES
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