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  • Arie
    OK, well, this is how I worked around it.

    Under vB options I've set it that users can change their style, and then set the default style to the style with ads.

    I removed all places where users can change their styles: in the Footer template, Modifyoptions template & USERCP_SHELL template.

    Now as admin I can set the ad-free style again, like I could in 2.x

    Hope this helps.

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  • TraumTeam
    started a topic Style Choosing

    Style Choosing


    I got a problem with different styles. We got two styles - one with and one without advertising. These Styles are depending on each other. The advertising free style depens on the above normal style with ads.

    We decide in the user profile which style the user gets to see. Here comes our problem with the new 3.0.1 (on the 2.x it workded).
    When we add the ads-free Version to a normal user profile he dont get to see this style. Only when i activate the function, that user can choose their styles by themselfs, then the users get to see the ads-free style, which is choosen in the user profile. But we dont want that users can choose their style. We want that only the admin can change the style settings for the user in the profile.

    That was possible in 2.x, is that a bug in the 3.0.1 ? Or I'm wrong ?

    Can anyone help ?

    best regards

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