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  • Session Timeout problem

    Many of our members rely on the New Posts feature when they login in the morning. Some are complaining about problems now that they did not have before we upgraded to vB3 Namely:

    1) 25 page limit (even when there's more new posts since last visit)

    2) session timeout, meaning can't go away from computer and come back to read new posts

    3) session timeout, meaning can't read for a while, post a few times, then get to the next page of posts, even when session has not been interrupted

    Our cookie timeout is the same as it was before the upgrade - 900 seconds

    Is there another setting somewhere I'm overlooking that would affect the member's session?

    Eat Your Veggies

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    Have you installed any hacks?

    After the session times out (15 min without clicking on any vBulletin page) they can use

    search.php?do=getdaily which will get all posts within the last 24 hours.,


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      Hi Zachery.

      This might have had something to do with it:

      But there are no hacks installed now. That one didn't do what I hoped it did so I removed it as I mentioned.

      Any thoughts?
      Eat Your Veggies


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        But doesnt search.php?do=getdaily only bring the new posts since your last session? All those previous to that time will not show, right?
        Eat Your Veggies


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          It will get ALL posts within a 24 hour period, within the search limit, which by default is 500 returned results.


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            Is it possible to change the 500 to however many new posts there are for the time period?
            Eat Your Veggies


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              Its possible to raise this limit and it can be done in the AdminCP however its limited to help keep server loads down, its mostly in effect for very large sites

              AdminCP > vBulletin Options > Message Searching Options > Maximum Search Results to Return > Up the limit to whatever you would like, i wouldnt advise a setting much higher than 1000 at the most


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                I just tested this. I opened the forum homepage and clicked on New Post link from within the thread tools. It gave me 5 pages of posts that definitely did not include all posts of the past 24 hours.

                I stepped away from my computer for 20 minutes and went back to forum home and again to New Posts. It gave me 3 pages of threads, all of them having been posted within the time span since my previous login 20 minutes earlier. It did not give me all posts for the past 24 hours.
                Eat Your Veggies


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                  getdaily returns all posts within the max search results from the last 24 hours

                  So if there has been 4000 posts, and the default is 500 it will only return the last 500 posts within the day.


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                    What constitutes a large site. We are fast approaching 1 million posts total and have nearly 15,000 users with roughly 3500-4500 posts per day.

                    Would increasing our search results limit adversely affect us? Or would that depend largely on our server power?
                    Eat Your Veggies


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                      I think it is a mix of things, server hardware and software will depend.

                      You can try setting it higher than 1000 but i would monitor your server closely to watch its loads.