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  • Error on Step 12


    I am upgrading my forum tonight from 2.35. At step 12 (alter attachments), it gave me a "Can not find server" error after running the query for an hour or so. When I go back to the upgrade.php script, it continued step 12 then printed the following error:
    Database error in vBulletin :
    Invalid SQL:
    ALTER TABLE attachment
    mysql error: Duplicate column name 'postid'
    mysql error number: 1060
    When I go back to upgrade.php again, it resumed the process at step 13.

    Do I need to go back to fix the problem at step 12? How do I go about doing that? I just hope I don't need to re-do the upgrade from scratch. The size of my attachment is 3 GB and contains about 30,000 attachments.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Did you make a backup of your database before you started?


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      Originally posted by Zachery
      Did you make a backup of your database before you started?
      Yes. I backed up the database and also all the 2.35 files.

      The upgrade is running step 16 right now btw, or should I just stop?
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        Well, your going to have problems with the attachments & attachments table, im not sure as ive never run into this problem before. Ill see if i can find the big sites upgrade thread which might be of some help.


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          That might be abit of help for you


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            don't think that info can help with step 12 unfortunately.

            I just finished running the upgrade1.php script and forum is at Version 3.0.0 Beta 3. Step 12 is the only step I had problem with. Do you think I should run the remaining upgrade scripts?

            I really hope it's possible to go back to step 12 and fix the problems there.

            Maybe by copying the attachments table files from the backup and run the step 12 query on them?
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              For that to help you would need to restart :/

              Theres always a chance that, that would work, however i cannot confirm that it would even work.


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                Well, I decided to not run the other upgrade scripts for now, until the step 12 problem is resolved. I don't want the other upgrade scripts to run any more query on the attachments table to complicate the problem...

                I really hope someone could come up with a solution to the step 12 problem w/o restarting the whole process.

                BTW, is there a way to delete attachments by forum? Some forums on my board contain attachments that need to be kept no matter how old they are, while most of the attachments in some other forums (such as the social forum) can be deleted and few of my members would complain.
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                  Well, after many hours of work, I managed to upgrade my forum to vB 3.01 from 2.35 successfully, thanks to the big help of my host. We are reindexing the forum now. It's going to take a long time with 1.8 million posts.

                  there is a new problem:

                  We can't move the attachments out of the database for some reason. The attachments folder is CHMOD to 777 and the safe-mode is disabled. It just creates a 0 byte file.

                  Any ideas?
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                    I take it no one has any idea why I can't move the attachments?
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                      Sorry i didnt reply sooner im very happy to hear you got your self upgraded successfully

                      Im not sure why you cannot move the attachments into the filesystem. I suggest you create a support ticket in the members area, make sure you include an admin login and ftp + phpmyadmin info


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                        Reindex is nearly complete. It has taken about 32 hours to reindex 1.8 million posts.

                        Is the rebuild statistics step essential? If it's not, I will just skip it. My members will start a revolution if that step takes as long as the index rebuild.

                        Is it true that I could have rebuilt the index and the statistics at the same time? If it's true, you may want to add that to the install instructions. That will save lots of waiting time...

                        PS: For the attachements problem, I'll see if my host can find a solution first. If not, I will post in the support ticket.
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                          Yes, you could have, you do need to rebuild thread info if you want the descriptions to be avabile (you know where you hoever over the title of a thread and it tells you the first so many characters).

                          But that can be done with the forum open as long as abit of load is ok with you


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                            Thanks Zach.

                            After the search index rebuild, we encountered some attachments problem, but we were able to fix them and also managed to move the attachments to the file system successfully. I really like the attachment search feature btw. I deleted 300 MB of old attachments in no time. It's down to 2.65 GB now.

                            I just re-opened the forum. All in all, it took 2 full days + 4 hours to complete the upgrade over two upgrade attempts. The search reindex alone took 32 hours to complete on 1.8 million posts.

                            A few times it felt the upgrade prcoess would fail miserably because of the attachments. Good thing I didn't give up...

                            I need to take a break now.
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