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  • E-mail notification

    For two days, my forum does not send e-mai notifications to subscribed threads. Also, e-mail through forum does not work. Any ideea why?

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    Have you tried enabling the -f command to see if that works, the setting for this is in the admin control panel


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      Do a email test (admin control panel > diagnostic) and see if that works. If not, contact your hosting provider to ask if they have made any changes to their system to cause mail over PHP to stop functioning.


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        The test is ok. Now I can send e-mail through forum without doing any changes (is possible that my ISP had fixed some problems), I also receive "report post" e-mail.

        What I don't receive is e-mail from subscribed threads.


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          You will need to view the mail logs on the server to see what happened to those emails. Once vB sends it to PHP it's in the hands of the server. If you are on a shared server you may need to ask your host to look through the logs for you.
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            Ok, thank you. Now they solved the problem and the e-mails are working.