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    2 problems, one old and i have jus dealed wit and other started today.

    1st one is a simple one.

    When i open the admincp from anywhere at all all of the categories are all open showing all options.

    2nd: just today when i clicked on a link in admincp it got rid of the bar of options on the left and jus opened the specific page, very annoying.

    plz help!

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    Maybe you have old files? Please upload the original 3.0.x file from the .zip of your version to the admincp panel in ascii (except images) overwriting the ones already there and see if this still happens.

    The expand/collapse is a per cookie thingy, you could clear cookies and try that again.

    Which link did you click and what page did it load? I can't check all links to see which one gives the issue.


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      every single one gets rid of side bar.

      most recent version of vbulletin files

      also thats what i thought about cookies zac, but weird thing was when i logged in at my uncle's house it had the same thing even tho i had never logged on there before, strange


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        *bump* any ideas this is a real problem


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