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  • Blank Page with tags instead of Forums Loading

    I just emailed tech support and followed their initial directions but I had no luck. So I'll post my problem here and hopefully someone can give advice.

    My forums are loading a blank page. There are just a few html tags on the page, but no body. The same thing happens with the admincp. I've tried re-uploading all files, I've tried changing everything on the server (PHP, mySQL, apache), and I've checked the config.php file to make sure the formatting was correct.

    The URL for the forums is

    Please let me know what I should do to correct this. Thanks everyone.

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    Upload tools.php to your admincp directory use it to reimport the master style file, once done delete tools.php from your admincp directory, if this still does not work let us know.


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      A bit more info wouldn't hurt.

      Did this suddenly started? (reupload the files in ascii)
      Did you edited files or templates? (revert them to original)
      Did you do an upgrade from version 2 to 3 (or from 3 to 3)? (reupload files and edit to config.php)
      Did you do a fresh install? (reupload the files and edit to config.php)
      Do you still need to run install or upgrade? (don't forget to run install.php or upgrade.php)


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        Hey, I just had the sysop reload all the mysql/php/apache packages again and now its working.

        Thanks for the replies though.


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          Glad it worked out - if you run into any more issues, feel free to ask!