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User age verication.

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  • User age verication.

    How do I change the COPPA form to make sure the users are over the age of 18 and deny them if they are not? Also, How do I make the so the year is not optional when registering?
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    Ok, I opened up register.php and changed 13 to 18 in the start of the file and it worked. What about requiring the user year?
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      They can always get around this by entering a fake age. There is no foolproof method to do this execpt by validating the new users yourself, but even that is not foolproof.


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        Yes, I know that. I would like to verify it. I went though register.php and didn't make much sense of it. I'm hoping I can do it from the template side.

        If I require age and someone how it slips up they are a different age it's easier for a ban.
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          This requires directly modifying the code. It can't be done with templates. If you need further help, please ask over at
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