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Paid Subscription Expiration - Permissions Reset?

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  • Paid Subscription Expiration - Permissions Reset?

    Let's say I set up a paid subscription for users who wish to have a larger avatar and a higher maximum private messages number.

    If a user subscribes, uploads a larger avatar, and keeps their private messages number at the subscriber peak, what then happens when their subscription runs out (and their maximum avatar size and maximum private messages number both shrink)?

    Does their larger avatar then get invalidated? Or are they able to still keep the larger avatar?

    Do they keep the larger number of private messages in their account but are unable to send/receive private messages at that time?

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    Their large avatar and PM box will remain as they were before the subscription expired, but they will not be able to upload another large avatar or receive PMs (because their inbox is full) until their subscriber permissions are restored.


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      Hmm... This sort of just lets people take advantage of the benefits offered in some paid subscriptions even after their subscriptions have run out. Granted, private messages would be pretty worthless for someone if they couldn't receive them, but they'd still have things like a larger avatar.

      What would be nice is if the system could check for such things and reset their avatar (probably to not having one) when their subscription runs out.

      Any thought on whether this sort of thing could be addressed in future versions?
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        It is possible such a system will be implemented in future versions, but I don't know for certain.


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          Whilst I agree that it would be very nice if this roll-back feature was implemented in a future version of vB, I don't think it is a show-stopper.

          If someone has subscribed to one of your enhanced features, they are quite likely to do so again, and thus I'd also either keep a manual record of expiry dates, or come up with some SQL code that will give you a list of subscribers and their expiration dates - then prepare a smaller common avatar and revoke their subscription permissions etc when the time comes...

          If you also forewarn your paying subscribers that their subscription is about to expire, as well as thinking that this was very good customer relations, they are in my opinion, far more likely to resubscribe.

          A win-win situation


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