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  • Can i do this?

    Can i do this:
    If you have a valid licence, you may set up an additional test forum in order to test code, template and database modifications. To make this clear to us and our licence verification procedures, place it in a directory called 'testvb' and be sure to password protect it. It must not be accessible by the general public.
    Can i install a test vb on my computer? it runs apache, php, and mysql. The way to access it is http://localhost or . People can't view it from other machines...

    If i install it on my comp when people can't view it, do i still have to put it in /testvb and pass protect it?
    Let the flames begin.

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    If your computer is connected to the internet they can view your site. You can protect it by putting it behind a firewall or something like that.


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      I installed vBulletin on my computer..
      If something is wrong, please tell me so i can delete the installation.
      Let the flames begin.


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        if it is for testing purp. only, and temporary and not public, then I see no reason why it couldnt' be in testvb or vbtest as directory, nor a reason why it is a problem.


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          yeah, and also:
          in bottom right of IE, it says:
          Local Intranet
          instead of the usual 'Internet'
          so i think that means that it isn't on the web...
          Let the flames begin.


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            I couldn't connect to your IP, so you should be save


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              well, if somthing happens that it somehow gets onto the web somehow, please pm me or somthing so i can delete the installation.
              Let the flames begin.