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  • REQUEST: VB3 Variables


    Could someone in the staff post a list of variables used his this version of VB3? I currently run vb2 and built my entire site at around the old variables. If a staff member would be so kind as to post a FAQ regarding how $bbuserinfo[userid],$username and other important user-defined variables have been re-defined in vb3, i would really appreciate the help. I've got a site with 16,000 members, and I want to upgrade but cannot do so without modifying my entire site.

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    I think somebody else asked for a list but didnt get anywhere, im sure one of the admins could help though


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      see this thread:
      [HOWTO] integrate any vB site into Opera quicksearch


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        hmm, my problem is that I dont use templates. I have a full website based on the global.php from VB2, where the cookies and user info was called up arleady, and i could say this:

        if ($bbuserinfo[userid] == 0) { LOGIN MESSAGE }
        If you go to you will see that it does not let you view any artwork unless you've registered.

        My whole site depends on being able to draw cookie info and user stats from global.php. Is there a way I can create a mock global.php for the new Vbulletin system that gives me the same cookie and userinfo that vb3 currently uses? In conditionals I see that $bbuserinfo[userid] is still the main determining factor for login purposes, so i'm assuming there's still a way to draw this information from the boards without having to re-write my entire website.

        Please, if anyone can come up with some kind of solution, I'd really appreciate it. My site has thousands of coding lines and changing them all just to upgrade to VB3 is impossible. Please let me know if doing a mock global.php is possible.


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          I´m not into coding, so i can´t give you any tips. Changing your code for vB3 would be the best thing to do. So you will know how to do it for future releases too.

          Maybe you note the things that not work and then ask over at for help on the new variables.

          Heads up, and also good luck.
          [HOWTO] integrate any vB site into Opera quicksearch


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            $bbuserinfo contains a lot of settings, as do $stylevar and $vboptions


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              $bbuserinfo[] contains anything in ther usertable
              $vboptions contians all the options in the ACP
              and $stylevar is for the settings


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