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  • Log out problem

    Whenever I log out of a forum I get the "Return to the page you were viewing" and "Return to the forum index" messages. However, whenever I click the "Return to the page you were viewing" I get redirected to the forum index page instead of to the page I was at. This was working fine until very recently (also the Quick Reply Box has disappeared for Unregistered viewers - so I suspect a permissions conflict somewhere).

    Any ideas

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    The quick reply box will disappear if they don't have permission to post.
    You can check the permissions for each usergroup/forum to see what their permissions are.


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      That's why I can't figure it out. The correct permissions are set in the usergroup and in the forum. The log out problem may or may not be connected.


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        If a guest is allowed to read posts, but not post replies to threads, they won't see the quick reply box.


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          Hi Floris, and thanks for replying - you might just prevent me from jumping out the window!

          I think I'm going mad. For the last few weeks I have been convinced that unregistered users could reply using the Quick Reply Box. Now, I'm not so sure. All permissions are set to allow unregistered users to reply to existing threads - but no quick reply box is visible.

          So, is this even possible: unregistered users replying anonymously using just the Quick Reply Box (or do they have to access the 'standard' post reply page?).

          I'm trying to make it as easy as possible for users to leave a message.



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            Forget the logout problem. It's the lack of a Quick Reply Box that's the real problem. I KNOW that it's just a simple permissions problem - but all looks like it should. I've now raised a post in the Service Requests forum over at
            I'll give access to the Admin CP so that you can see what I can't