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  • Censor not applying to existing msgs

    I just implemented Censorship and only new posts are censored. How do I make it retroactive? Have the censored words be applied to the older posts?

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    1. Try rebuilding the post cache.

    if this doesnt work youd need to go though and edit each one, the feature is not ment to be retro active as far as im aware.


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      Didn't work, have to edit each post.


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        I couldn't duplicate this problem on my unhacked 3.0.1 test forum. I posted a message with a specific word. The word showed up fine. I then added that word to the Censor options and viewed the thread again. The word was censored.

        Have you installed any hacks (including portals) or added any code to the headinclude, header or phpinclude templates?
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          In my case, I don't want censored words to be retroactive as I am censoring URLs. I am allowing one instance then adding the URL to the censored list to discourage continued posting of the same URL.

          I'm on 3.0.3 now and I did a test today:

          The URL was added to the censored word list after the first post. The URL in the first post remained intact but the URL in the second post was asterisked out.

          However, there is a post dating to 25-03-2004, in which I added the URL to the censored word list yesterday but this time it behaved as Steve described - the URL was asterisked out. I'm guessing this may be date related.

          Yes, I can confirm that the behaviour seems to be date dependent.

          I've just found another old link dating to 25-03-2004. I posted that link again in a new post today. So I had the same link in an old post and a new post. After putting the URL in the censored word list the link in the old post was asterisked out while the link in the new post was not asterisked out. I then posted the link again and the URL was asterisked out.

          It would be interesting to verify the date dependancy by now changing the date of the old post to something more recent and seeing whether it becomes immune to being asterisked out while the URL is in the censored word list.


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            Well, well, well - something else quite bizzare I just discovered:

            The URL I was experimenting with was
            I've removed it again from the censored word list and posted the URL in a third post in the same thread as above. Now, the URL is visible in the first post, still asterisked out in the second post, and visible again in the third post!

            In other words, the asterisked URL in the second post does not revert to visible even when the URL is removed from the censored word list. With old posts, however, they are visible or asterisked out depending on whether the URL is in the censored word list or not.


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              Okay, I've discovered something interesting. When you add a word to the censored words list it does not replace the word with asterisks in the pagetext field of the post record in the database. This applies to older posts - how much older I don't know - I'm experimenting with posts dated to March this year. Therefore, the asterisks are appearing in the output and are, therefore, reversible. ie take the word out of the censored word list and the database pagetext appears as originally.

              Turning our attention to recent posts - when a word is added to the censored words list it will not output asterisks over recent posts. When you create new posts it actually replaces the characters with asterisks in the pagetext stored in the database. Once again, the pagetext is not reversible so the asterisks will remain even if the word is removed from the censored words list.

              I hope you followed everything I said. In summary:

              My experiments showed that the censored words list behaves differently with newer posts than with older posts. With older posts if the word or URL is removed from the censored words list the word/url is restored. That is not the case with newer posts. The developers must have changed the code effecting this function in recent upgrades.

              I can see the benefit of having the censored list function working either way. Fortunately, for me, it suits my purpose as it is now - not reversible with newer posts.

              What about jeepsforme's situation? He wanted old posts to have the asterisks apply to censored words. Well, they will be asterisked out if the posts are old enough - how old I don't know. If they are being asterisked out in old posts they will be reversible, as well.
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                Help, please. Two recent posts which had URLs before I added them to the censored list have suddenly become asterisked out.

                They were okay yesterday after I added them to the censored list. I thought the censored list would only effect subsequent posted instances of the censored words/urls. After 24 hours posts containing the 'bad' urls now appear with asterisks. Why did this happen? Any ideas?


                When I checked those URLs in edit mode the URL is still intact. In otherwords, the URL has been written to the database but the output is asterisks. Well that answers my question from the previous post about how old a post a post has to be before it outputs asterisks - about 24 hours.

                That effectively means I can't leave one copy of the url up. Any urls that exist before the url goes into the censored list will eventually revert to asterisks and any url posted after it has been listed in the censored list will revert to asterisks immediately.

                Damn! I was hoping to let one copy of the url be available.

                Quote from Freddie in Bug Tracker:

                "Of course, censorship is not retroactive so it will only apply to posts made after you add a word to be censored."

                This is just not the case. Apparently it is retroactive. It takes a few hours/days but eventually a censored word in an old post will become asterisked. I'll report this to Bug Tracker.
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                  Thanks Pogo and Freddie for the answer at:


                  It appears that the censor function has no effect on posts that are already in the post cache. After a couple of days the data is pulled out of the post table and the urls are censored. That explains the delay experienced before a word/url, which was created just prior to it being added to the censored list, suddenly appears overwritten with asterisks.

                  Not what I wanted. I'd prefer the censor function to only act on words in newly created posts. To posts that are created after the word/url has been added to the censored list without effecting the same word/url that might be in an older post.
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