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    Recently I was on my message board and I noticed something strange, it said that a friend of mine was online, who happens to be an admin. This was at the time though that he would be in school, and I no for a fact that he doesn’t go online when he is there. Immediately I had to assume it was someone using his account un-authorized and de-admined him and banned him before this guy did something really bad.

    OK, my questions are, is it possible that it could have been a glitch in the database that made it appear that he was online? I checked his profile and it even said user viewing thread blah blah blah. Could this be a possibility? And is there ways that I can find out what IP he was logged in under? And is there any other measures I can take? (I have never had something like this happen before )

    And sorry, this looked like the right board to post in. Sorry if it isn't...

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    If the user did not post, then you probaly wont be able to check his IP, unless you recored it from the whos online. No, the only way he whould showup as online is if he or somone else was online with the acccount.

    Someone cannot get into the AdminCP with out knowing his password.


    • #3 he didn’t post. And I am guessing who ever it was knew the password unless they could have gotten on his account some other way.

      So what should I do? Should I just have him change his password?


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        Im guessing if he was browsing at school, he loged into a public computer at school and did not log out.


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          Thing his he has never used the computers to login to the board or anything before. If I can confirm 100% that it wasn't him (from him) what should I do?



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            Then ask him to change his password. You should also look into adding .htaccess file into your admincp so only you and anyone you give the htaccess info can even see the admincp directory



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              OK, cool. Thank you for your help