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Suggestion....find a better way to backup the DB

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  • Suggestion....find a better way to backup the DB

    Guys.....I've never had a problem installing VBulletin (in the 3 versions I've used so far) but with VB3 onlne I'm now totally stalled trying to upload the backup files in SSH.

    I know this isnt your issue but you NEED to find an easier way to do this! I've had a never ending string of ****ty and frustrating problems that could be overcome with some form of onboard backup / upload facility on the board!

    I'll overcome the problems I'm facing (which are still ongoing ) but not all users of this product play with code for a living and it will cost you in the longer term. If I hadnt decided to build a new board whilst my old one was still running I would be seriously furious by now (2 weeks later!!).

    Please take this in the context its a suggestion! Theoretically using SSH should be a simple process but it hasnt worked that way and the end result is that your product isnt online due to someone else's issue's!


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    Never thought running 2 commands :
    'mysqldump -u usernamehere -p databasename here > /path/to/backup.sql'
    'mysql -u usernamehere -p databasename here < /path/to/backup.sql'
    was such a difficult process

    What problems with those commands are you having mate ?


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      I had a variety of errors. Eventually emptied the DB and reloaded everything!

      I did have a big constructive rant here but I think it will be taken poorly. I couldnt decipher the error messages (due to a poor working knowledge of SSH and SQL on my part). The manuals were very good untill things went bad and from that point there seemed to be nothing available to help me work with the errors other than this (excellent) forum! The SQL help pages were of use but difficult to navigate and understand for someone who's prime focus isnt I.T.

      Sorry.....just being honest about my experience upgrading. vBulletin is undeniably the best package available but you need to keep it user friendly. Currently I'm very cautious about the way forward and will think before carrying out a major upgrade again! The end result is a potential impact on future sales and your bottom line!

      Judging from other posts on this board I'm not alone.

      Thanks for the assistance along the way and taking time to reply to my posts.



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