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  • FAQ Error.

    I am trying to build a new FAQ for my board.

    I am trying to add new stuff, so I go to:

    AdminCP> FAQ> Add New FAQ Item>

    From here I have a new faq item.

    In the "Varname" field at the top, it says, "new_faq_item" - and I don't know what this does and the "?" at the right doesn't say anything, so I leave it alone.

    The next item is a drop-down list of forums I can add this to as a child entry. I select a forum.

    Next it wants a title. No problem. I give it a title.

    Next it wants a text entry. No problem, I throw some words in there.

    Everything below that is over my head so I ignore it.

    I hit save.

    I get a popup box that says, "Sorry, there is already an item called 'new_faq_item'"

    So uh... Huh? What? I didn't do it.

    Someone hook me up? I'm just trying to build a simple FAQ.



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    new_faq_item has to be a unique name.



    they are unique.

    On-line manual: Frequently Asked Questions > Adding or Editing a FAQ Item


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      Thank you, Floris!

      How do I see which items have already been used? Like, where do I see the list of what "new_faq_item_xxxxx" I am on currently?



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        I am afraid you can't.


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          Thank you.

          It's odd, but I suppose that's okay, as long as I never need that information again.

          Will I need that information ever gain? Like, should I keep a list of what 'new_faq_item_X's I use, or is that just... information I'll never need?



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            When you edit the faq item you can see how it is named, i believe you can also rename it then.

            I think it will be used as a link to link all faqs to their parent/child listing so you can search through them and click on links.


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              Oh, okay. That works. As long as there's a way for me to recall that information somehow and I don't have to keep a notepad document on it that I can loose we're good to go.

              Thanks, Floris.



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                I also try to make a tree setup for myself, so I can keep logical track of what I do and where I am - hopefully to avoid unique names.

                Thread tools:
                • thread_tools
                  • thread_tools_split
                  • thread_tools_edit
                  • thread_tools_merge
                  • thread_tools_etc
                • post_reply
                  • post_reply_button
                  • post_reply_permission
                  • post_reply_errors
                  • post_reply_tools
                  • post_reply_tricks
                • etc
                This way it is harder to make duplicate entries.


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                  Floris, you've been a great help to me today and I appreciate that.

                  I have one last question though.

                  I am trying to modify the default FAQs that came with the board to reflect site specific changes.

                  For example, I have this entry:


                  And the text reads:

                  Title Can I search the forum? Text <p>You can search for posts based on username, word(s) in the post or just in the subject, by date, and only in particular forums.</p>
                  <p>To access the search feature, click on the "search" link at the top of most pages.</p>
                  <p>You can search any forum that you have permission to search - you will not be allowed to search through private forums unless the administrator has given you the necessary security rights to do so.</p>
                  And... I want to change that to say something else, but I don't think I can. When I get this sucker into the FAQ menu I click on the edit box associated with it, and where the text field is normally white and I can type in it and such, I don't get that here. I get a gray one and I can't change the text.

                  My presumption is that since these are default FAQs, I can't edit them, so I would have to delete them and then replace them with my own rendition. Is this presumption correct?



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                    You should get this:

                    Title (English (US) Translation)
                    where you can translate it.
                    (well, for english this would mean you can change the default)


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                      Oh! I thought "translate" actually meant to translate it or something. Heh. My mistake. I hate messing with things I don't understand because I crashed my old forums often that way.

                      Thanks so much, Floris.

                      And that's a good idea on the tree route. I believe I will do it that way.

                      Very good. Excellent. I should be good to go now. I appreciate it.



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