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    Thanks for the prompt reply. I appreciate your support and patience.

    I am senor software engineer and have over 15 years experience.
    Hopefuly I can do it my self, just want to save my time, searchin through your code.
    If you saving it to the cookie, then I will try to create new cookie and split data.

    Thanks ofr yout suggestion about .org. Will do it right now.

    Please give me few words about where to find this stuff about loggin out and maring readed. ANy explanation that you can give me will be really heplfull.


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      Did you have any luck, goha? In my opinion, this is VB's one weak spot, and the most important hack that hasn't been created yet. If someone could create a fix for this, it would make VB the perfect forum software. As it is, even ezboard has a better "New Posts" system.


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        Did not tried to write patch myself.

        Found a third party patch, tried it - patch is also bugged. Tried to contact patch's author - no luck.

        Guys from VB team told me, that they will fix it. But noone know when....
        So far - nothing usefull.

        IMHO this is the biggest vB issue. Cannot understand, why vB team wannt fix it. Their usual respond "it is working as intended".


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          From personal expericne, i could care less if the system got changed or not, i really dont mind it being the way it is currently.

          Guess im spoiled, ive never seen the system function differntly, ive used primiarly vBulletin while ive been an admni and i rarely visit non vB boards.


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            Current system is useless, if your forum is somehow big. You cannot read all messages immediately, but once you went AFK all your messages will be marked as readed... this is not good, sorry (

            I really love vB, but this issue is really ISSUE.


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              could looking at who is online page keeps his session from timing out if you he goes AFK?
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                That is a good idea, but certainly not a solution.

                This is something that must be changed in 3.2 (or sooner).


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