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Mods and Admins showing up bold and Italic in main forum as well as in Who's online

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  • Mods and Admins showing up bold and Italic in main forum as well as in Who's online

    Hiya folks

    I hope this is in the right place, sorry about the long title, couldn't make it shorter hehe

    I've been given permision from my Webmaster to access here to ask questions...anyway to the point!

    We've recently found and implimented the code to make our Forum Moderators and Admins names bold and bold/italic in the Who's online, with VB3 Gold but in this version this also affects their names when posting the forums. So what we want to know is how do we restrict the bold and bold/italicing of Mods and Admin's names to the who's online area could we use a "if - then - else" statement could be coded into the whosonline "if usergroup = admin, then username = <b><i> username</b></i>" or is there another way to do this?

    Thank you for your time and I hope this question is in the right place.

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    Well, the most comon place the marked up name showup are in the following templates


    If you look for $post[musername] and you replace it with $post[username]

    It will just show a standard username no extra styling


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      Thank you for the quick response Zachery


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        in the whos online all the names apper bold. what i want is just the mods bold and admin italic/bold and users reg-not bold. so where do i edit to do this?


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          This is awesome Zachery! I've been looking all over for this!

          townjester, in your usergroup manager in the ACP, see if there are < b > tags in the HTML Markup box for Registered users... if not, you'll need to look in your templates.


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            like above, i have changed the Username HTML Markup in the ACP for admin and mods to bold but i just want this in the whos online area, not in posts, what do i have to do to achieve this?


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