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How To Fix the "User Unable to login to AdminCP" Problem

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  • How To Fix the "User Unable to login to AdminCP" Problem

    If a user is unable to login to his/her AdminCP :

    Access to their phpMyAdmin will be required.
    • Select Database
    • Click the 'Setting' table
    • First check the cookiepath and cookiedomain in the Setting table
    • Click 'Search' and in 'varname' field enter 'cookie%'
    Note: Unless there is a specific reason for it to be set the cookiedomain should be blank. The cookiepath should usually be / (web root).

    If these settings appear correct the next step is to check the datastore:
    • Click on the 'datastore' table
    • Click 'browse' and find the Options field.
    • Click 'Edit' and copy/paste the contents of 'data' to a text editor;
    • 'Find' 'cookie' and check the settings for the cookiedomain and cookiepath
    • Edit the settings
    • Copy entire contents back to the data field and save.
    How to read these settings:


    s = string
    0 = number of characters

    Therefore the cookiedomain is a string of 0 characters


    Again the cookiepath is a string and is 1 character long.

    If the cookiedomain or path are not correct you will need to edit the string length and the string itself.

    For Example:

    "cookiedomain";s:21:""; (incorrect cookiedomain)

    would become:


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