Hello All,

Many users on my board. VB 3.0 GOLD, have large avtars.
i have enabled users to use avatars located on remote servers.

Those large avtars make the board look crap.. while reading posts.
Check Attachments please for more details.

I retricted the avtar size display on vb 2.x this way.
Changing the template postbit_avatar to read
?<img src="$avatarurl" border="0" alt="" width="100" height="100">?
Instead of the original
?<img src="$avatarurl" border="0" alt="">?
Can someone guide me. how to make those large avtars shrink in vb 3.0 gold too ?
What postbit to modify. and where can that be found.

Other thing is there a way to restrict the file sizes of avtars, located on REMOTE SERVES ?

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