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Upgrade hangs step 28

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    ****, I'm on a 1and1 server as well and having the same problem!
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      Originally posted by Pogo
      Perhaps you can try to delete the Control Panel Help Text phrases from the vbulletin-language.xml before upgrading.

      Delete everything from line 5202 - 9222

      If you are lucky it might work then.
      I remember someone telling me that downsizing the language xml helped. And by deleting the control panel help text phrases you nearly cut in in half.
      This worked to get me past the steps that require the master language.


      Now to shoot a note to 1and1 so they get off their rumps and fix this!
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        You deleted the help text that will be shown when you click the little (?) buttons in the admin control panel to get some help on a function or setting.

        On one 1&1 server I had my hands on the import of the complete master language worked when I called this script:
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          Originally posted by Pogo
          On one 1&1 server I had my hands on the import of the complete master language worked when I called this script:

          I really don't need the help files, so this works fine for now
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            I was able to get a sort of higher level reply from 1&1, it goes something like this:

            xml-support is enabled in our php 4.3.2. Compiling with '--with-xml' isn't necessary. xml-support is enabled by default.

            In php 4.2.3 (which is running on the server at the moment) the version
            number of the libxml is 2.4.30. In the next version of php (4.3.5) this libxml
            will be replaced with the verion 2.6.2.

            I have taken a look at the documentation on but I wasn't able to find exact system requirements. Even there is no possibility to make a test-installation.

            So we have to wait until the new php version is installed on our server.
            My other contact stated last week that the server would be upgraded to PHP v4.3.x sometime this week, although that has yet to occur. Generally this doesn't really help us, but big upgrades can always bring with them changes that might. Hopefully I can try again on Sunday.

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              I've just been told that, due to a number of serious problems, the upgrade to PHP v4.3.x will now not occur for another 2/3 weeks as opposed to 2/3 days. Guess more waiting is in order.


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                Try Freddie's suggestion in this thread:

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                  Can I ask because it's been awhile now, has anybody managed to get through the upgrade process on a 1&1 server without needing to cut the language file in half (remove help text phrases) and if so.. how did you do it?


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