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    In the Edit Profile section of the UserCp you can enter yoru birthdate and instana messaging info. I dont want those to show up for the user to edit. I tried commenting them out in the modifyprofile template but it would give errors when I would modify my profile. Is where anywhere in the admincp that I can disable these? If not, how can I take these off the user profile?

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    What kind of errors? It should work if you remove this code from the modifyprofile template:

    			<fieldset class="fieldset">
    				<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="$stylevar[formspacer]" border="0" width="100%">
    					<td colspan="2">$vbphrase[may_enter_identity_for_im]</td>
    					<td>$vbphrase[icq_number]:<br /><input type="text" class="bginput" name="icq" value="$bbuserinfo[icq]" size="25" maxlength="30" /></td>
    					<td>$vbphrase[aim_screen_name]:<br /><input type="text" class="bginput" name="aim" value="$bbuserinfo[aim]" size="25" maxlength="30" /></td>
    					<td>$vbphrase[msn_messenger_handle]:<br /><input type="text" class="bginput" name="msn" value="$bbuserinfo[msn]" size="25" maxlength="50" /></td>
    					<td>$vbphrase[yahoo_messenger_handle]:<br /><input type="text" class="bginput" name="yahoo" value="$bbuserinfo[yahoo]" size="25" maxlength="30" /></td>


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      When I just commented out the code, it would give me "Invalid Birthday Date" errors when I would submit my profile changes. I would start the comment out <!-- at the beginning of the if statement.
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        Comment tags are fine. Make sure you end the commented block with -->

        Also keep in mind that they don't nest well. For example, this would not work because there are multiple levels of comments:


        <!-- -->



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          Im still getting "You have enterd an invalid Birthday" error.

          Here is my code:
          <!-- <fieldset class="fieldset">
          <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="$stylevar[formspacer]" border="0" width="100%">
          <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="2" border="0">
          <td><select name="month">
          <option value="-1" $monthdefaultselected></option>
          <option value="01" $month01selected>$vbphrase[january]</option>
          <option value="02" $month02selected>$vbphrase[february]</option>
          <option value="03" $month03selected>$vbphrase[march]</option>
          <option value="04" $month04selected>$vbphrase[april]</option>
          <option value="05" $month05selected>$vbphrase[may]</option>
          <option value="06" $month06selected>$vbphrase[june]</option>
          <option value="07" $month07selected>$vbphrase[july]</option>
          <option value="08" $month08selected>$vbphrase[august]</option>
          <option value="09" $month09selected>$vbphrase[september]</option>
          <option value="10" $month10selected>$vbphrase[october]</option>
          <option value="11" $month11selected>$vbphrase[november]</option>
          <option value="12" $month12selected>$vbphrase[december]</option>
          </select> &nbsp;</td>
          <td><select name="day">
          <option value="-1" $daydefaultselected></option>
          <option value="01" $day01selected>1</option>
          <option value="02" $day02selected>2</option>
          <option value="03" $day03selected>3</option>
          <option value="04" $day04selected>4</option>
          <option value="05" $day05selected>5</option>
          <option value="06" $day06selected>6</option>
          <option value="07" $day07selected>7</option>
          <option value="08" $day08selected>8</option>
          <option value="09" $day09selected>9</option>
          <option value="10" $day10selected>10</option>
          <option value="11" $day11selected>11</option>
          <option value="12" $day12selected>12</option>
          <option value="13" $day13selected>13</option>
          <option value="14" $day14selected>14</option>
          <option value="15" $day15selected>15</option>
          <option value="16" $day16selected>16</option>
          <option value="17" $day17selected>17</option>
          <option value="18" $day18selected>18</option>
          <option value="19" $day19selected>19</option>
          <option value="20" $day20selected>20</option>
          <option value="21" $day21selected>21</option>
          <option value="22" $day22selected>22</option>
          <option value="23" $day23selected>23</option>
          <option value="24" $day24selected>24</option>
          <option value="25" $day25selected>25</option>
          <option value="26" $day26selected>26</option>
          <option value="27" $day27selected>27</option>
          <option value="28" $day28selected>28</option>
          <option value="29" $day29selected>29</option>
          <option value="30" $day30selected>30</option>
          <option value="31" $day31selected>31</option>
          </select> &nbsp;</td>
          <td><input type="text" class="bginput" name="year" value="$year" size="4" maxlength="4" /></td>
          <input type="hidden" name="oldbirthday" value="$bbuserinfo[birthday]" />
          </fieldset> -->
          Last edited by sbeard; Thu 1 Apr '04, 9:48am.


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            I also tried removing the code and it still gives the same error. "You have entered an invalid birthday."


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              Would the fact that we upgraded to PHP 4.3.5 have anything to do with this?


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                It works fine for me. vB3 3.0.0.

                Have you made any other modifications to that template besides the one I posted? If so, try reverting the template and removing only the code I posted.

                If you are running a different version than 3.0.0 then this modification might not work.


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                  The code you posted which was the instant messaging code, works fine when I remove that. But, when I remove the Birthday code it errors out. I have tried restoring and then removing again with the same result.


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                    I have reverted the code then deleted the instanat messaging code and everything works. But when I delete the birthday code and then make a change to my profile it errors out with the "You have entered an invalid birthday" I have even tried making all the birthday input fields hidden and deleting the code around it and it still gives that error.


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                      That's because the birthday field is required. If you make the field hidden then you need to make sure you give it a value in the value attribute or vBulletin will reject the submission because a required field is blank.


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                        sorry to bring this one back but...


                        <if condition="$show['birthday_optional']">

                        from the modifyprofile template generates the invalid date error. how do i remove it and not get the error? how do i give the field a "value" as you suggest Jake?


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                            Go to your:

                            Admin CP -> Styles & Templates -> Style Manager -> « » -> Modify User Option Templates -> modifyprofile_birthday

                            Delete the code in that template and use this code instead:

                            <input type="hidden" name="month" value="01" />
                            <input type="hidden" name="day" value="01" />
                            <input type="hidden" name="year" value="2000" />
                            This will set an arbitrary birthday of 01-01-2000 for everyone and remove the birthday option from the Edit Profile page.


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