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    I was attempting to update my database on my new server and I uploaded the old sql file via PhpMyAdmin and got this: "No SQL query!" and did not see any difference on the forum so I don't think the file worked. I used these directions:

    Go to phpMyAdmin in your web broswer and select the database you wish to back up by clicking on the name. If you have multiple databases, you will need to select the name from the drop menu.

    In the right-hand frame, you will see a row of links. Click [SQL]

    You will see a large input box for queries and below that you will see a smaller box labeled Browse.

    Click the [Browse] button, navigate to and select the backup file on your home computer and click the [Go].

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    Make sure the dump.sql is 100% complete and make sure you have enough permissions to upload the full .sql dump (filesize and timeout settings high enough) for php/mysql.

    How are you 'upgrading' your database?

    If you upgrade vBulletin you don't need to import .sql through the phpmyadmin.


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      I'm on vB3 Gold 3.0.0? Where can I import in vB?


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        I have a community to get back on its feet here... waiting for a response.

        Floris, at the bottom of the sql dump it reads:
        When I upload it via phpmyadmin, I do not get a timeout.


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          To restore a database you need to upload it via phpmyadmin and then make sure your info in config.php is correct/.


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            Originally posted by Zachery
            To restore a database you need to upload it via phpmyadmin and then make sure your info in config.php is correct/.
            What wouldn't be correct?


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              5 1/2 hours later - no answer. Why no service here?


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                Sorry, i go though alot of threads in one day,

                When you try to go to the forums what error message if any do you get?


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                  I do not get an error message, I just have a basic install of vB with only my skin (I brought that over from the other server). I want to get all the posts, users, settings, forums, premission and all that back.


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                    Service is awful slow here.


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                      Im really not totaly even sure what problem your having, It seems you didnt move the database properly, but im not really sure.

                      So let me get this stright, you backed up your database via phpmyadmin, which is not the best or most reliable backup tool. then uploaded it to the new server and attemtped to restore it via phpmyadmin. ?

                      Since you transferd the database, is the config.php pointing at your new database name? or is it pointing at the old one?

                      You cannot "import" from one database to another with vB3...

                      And Nikki our current response
                      Average response time(last 30 support issues)
                      0 hr : 07 min


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                        I backed up the database using vB and tried to restore it using phpmyadmin.

                        And i think Nikki meant in this thread, because we have had a 7 1/2 hour and 5 1/2 hour response time fro mwhen i post to when someone from vB staff does in this thread alone. But as long as we work it out, no worries. I just have site members waiting for their accounts.


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                          Ok, but did you upload the database under a new database name?


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                            Yes sir. I didn't create another, I just opened the current database and uploaded the other's contents. So, my config file works with my new db on the new server. I'm going to get you a screenshot of phpmyadmin, please stay online for a second, give me just a few.


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                              Yes ill stick around, im not going anywhere for a while