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    Hi Guys:

    I've just installed the forum v3.0 and works like a charm!! I love it!! However, I have two minor issues here.
    First of all, when I'm on the Forum Index, all users are coloured the same way, this is, I can't difference if there are admins logged, mods, super mods, etc. How can I change colors??
    Secondly, on the WYSIWYG interface, where it should say "Guided Mode" and "Improved Mode", it reads the same, but in Spanish!! (of course, I've downloaded and added the spanish language). What can I do to fix it? This happens with "close tags" and the like too!

    Thanks in advance!!

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    1. Use the Username HTML Markup setting in the Usergroup options to control this.

    2. This sounds like a problem with the Spanish Language Pack you are using. You'll need to fix the appropriate phrases in that pack.
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      Thanks a bunch Steve!!


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        Where did you download the Spanish Pack, if you download it from vBulletin-Hispano, we can help you better with the problem.

        See Ya
        Charlie Argueta
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