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  • tachy goes to coventry

    This isn't exactly a pressing installation problem - but who is Tachy?

    I asked my British neighbor about this expression (I live in Los Angeles) and she explained that "being sent to Coventry" means to ignore someone - that fits with the use of the flag.

    But, she says that the expression is aways used as "... sent to Coventry" not "... goes to Coventry".

    Just curious.
    Askold Wawryszyn

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    Then again.... 'Frankie' wasn't sent 'to Hollywood' either.....
    How much do you love XenForo?


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      Originally posted by Askoldww
      This isn't exactly a pressing installation problem - but who is Tachy?
      I don't know what was intended, but I took it as a pun. As in:
      Main Entry: 2tacky
      Function: adjective
      Inflected Form(s): tackiĀ·er; -est
      Etymology: tacky a low-class person
      1 a : characterized by lack of good breeding <couldn't run around downtown... in a bikini, which was tacky -- Cyra McFadden> b : SHABBY, SEEDY <a tacky town whose citrus groves were blighted by smoke -- Bryce Nelson>
      2 : not having or exhibiting good taste: as a : marked by lack of style : DOWDY b : marked by cheap showiness : GAUDY
      You send "Tachy" (i.e., tacky people) to Coventry (a place where they are ignored by everybody).

      == Bill


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        IIRC Tachy was a nickname for one of Kiers "buddys" at uni... or something like that


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