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    Ok, I just downloaded and installed vb3 gold, stuck it in a temporary folder, duplicated the db and 'upgraded' it.. Almost ready to swap the directories and get rid of 2.x, but I'm having problems with 1 thing specifically that's stopping me. Maybe I'm being dense or something.

    There doesn't appear to be any way for users to subscribe to forums. Here's the way it currently works on the upgraded forum:

    1) Joe user goes in and sees a new forum. Clicks on it.
    2) Pulls down 'Forum Tools' and clicks on 'Subscribe To This Forum'
    3) This brings him to a screen that says 'Subscribe to Thread:' and has 'Instant Notification' already selected. Thinking it's just a mis-title, he clicks on the 'Add Subscription' button. VB just refreshes the screen and does nothing.


    1) Joe user goes in and wants to unsubscribe from a forum. He clicks on User CP
    2) He sees the ole 'Subscribed Forums' header, just like vb2. Beneath it is the subscribed forums, imported from the vb2 db.
    3) He navigates to the right one to unsubscribe from, and clicks on 'Unsubscribe from this Forum'.
    4) VB responds by saying 'No Thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the webmaster'

    I don't have any subscribed forums on, but when I try the same thing here the first scenario repeats. VB just reloads the page.

    Has forum subscriptions been stripped out or something? If not, how can I get these things to work? Do the forums support Instant Notification too, or just summary notifications?

    Again, maybe I'm just missing something super-obvious, but I've been through the control panel and searched this forum multiple times without being able to find anything on it. Any help is appreciated.

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    Hmm... *does* bring you direct to the 'subscribe to forum' page, with the digest options. Still nothing for either this site (.com) or mine...


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      We see the same problem
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        This appears to be a bug. There's already a Bug tracker report on this.
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          I noticed this today, too. Glad it's not just me.


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            And for the record, the bug wasn't in VBGold RC4. It was working fine in that version.


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              Originally posted by Steve Machol
              This appears to be a bug. There's already a Bug tracker report on this.
              Steve, is the new subscription.php that was posted in the announcement forum the one that should have fixed this?


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                I just downloaded the fix from here:


                And it all seems to work fine now.


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