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Forum Moderator can't set Password for Forum?

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  • Forum Moderator can't set Password for Forum?

    One of our moderators is unable to set a forum password for his forum.

    The forum is set so it can have a password, the moderator has the ability to set a password and he is member of groups 'Moderators' (Main Group) and the group that has been created to grant access to this forum.
    (There's a special sub-forum in this forum where the password is needed.)

    The option to set the password is just not showing up in the mod's CP:

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    Hello, you might have missed something.

    Goto the Administrators Control Panel and from there goto the Forums & Moderators section. Expand it if it is not already and select the group Show All Moderators.

    From the page that loads, find the forum and then the moderator that is set as moderator for that forum. Now click on the [Edit] link behind his name and it will load another page.

    From this page goto the group Forum Permissions and find the permission Can Set Forum Password. If this is set to No, then check the Yes box and save the page.

    Now you can let your moderator try again. Hopefully this is what you have overlooked.


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      Thank you, floris

      the 'can set password' option was set for two forums (both subforums, see screenshot) but not for the main one. Maybe this blocked the option for the sub forums?
      It's now set to 'can set password' for the main forum, even though this one can not have a password.
      I will let you know if it worked....

      [edit]Yes, this worked...
      But then it seems to be a bug since the permission to set a password should not inherit from forums to sub forums - they need to get the possibility to set a password individually.[/edit]
      Last edited by Sven; Mon 15th Mar '04, 4:47am.