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    k guys go easy on me....I have successfully uploaded the vbulletin to my host. Now when I go to my website it says the index.html must be replaced? what does this mean, i thought vbulletin did not use this? Am I missing something here, how do I replace it to make my board active?
    Thanks in advance to anybody who can guide me in the right direction!

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    That sounds like the "filler" index.html file in the web root of new hosting accounts. FTP into your server and delete it. Your server will probably recognize vBulletin's index.php as the index file once index.html is deleted.


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      what do I need to FTP the server if anything, to delete the index. Your reply is much appreciated. Thank you.


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        Just delete the index.html file in whichever directory you installed vB. Don't delete index.php.
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