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  • changing / adding style sets

    I am looking to add a style set for one of my members who is having a hard time reading the default set. My question od I add this set...without messing up my board??? I tried adding the style set through the option in CP....but with the preoperties based on the default set.....the changes I make to the new set...carry over to the defualt set and the two come out the same??? Is there something I'm missing? Basically I want to change the font from black to white for 'one' his monitor is pooched and he can't see anything!!! Any advice?


    ok I tried the download style, upload and rename, and modify new style. But I still can't get the colour changes to take effect??? I am using my new set(s) as the properties....of course they are just the downloaded 'default' sets....with the changes made to the replacement set....I don't get it?
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    Your needs call for creating a new style that uses your existing style's template set but has its own replacement set. Font sizes, colors, etc are controlled with replacement variables.