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How do i convert from invision 1.3 - a noobs guide needed plesae

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  • Jake Bunce
    We have a Invision -> vB3 importer being made for vB3. Hopefully it will be done for the final release.

    Our import scripts are designed to import from a 'default' Invision database. If your Invision hacks have changed your database structure then you might have problems with the importer.

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  • How do i convert from invision 1.3 - a noobs guide needed plesae

    Hello there,
    I am the newest registered user of Vbulletin

    My current forums are running on Invision Power Board 1.3
    Before actually trying out the conversion, i went through all the posts on and reading those posts i am afraid to do the conversion.

    Users says that conversion Scripts from IPB 1.3 to Any version of VBB is not yet made.
    I dont mind even converting to VBB 2.X .
    I will convert to VBB 3.X later, once i have successfully converted to VBB 2.0X

    PLease let me know how to properly proceed with this. As i have already mentioned i have 30+ hacks for IPB installed on my forums. and i do not care at all if these hacks die with my IPB

    I will begin with FRESH INSTALLATION OF HACKS, for vbulletin. But more important i need is the converstion from ipb 1.3 to any version of vbb.

    Here are the hacks:
    1. Forum has been upgraded to 1.3 Final

    2. Portal 1.1 Hack has been added and fixed
    Upgraded to Portal 1.2 Much Better
    Upgraded to Portal 1.2.6 and its A GREAT ADDON TO US
    All the modules on front page are fixed/organized.
    It looks c00l to have a portal page

    3.Added 16 new EXCITING skins to the board. Choose your way !!!
    As we have many mods installed on the mod, many of those require changes to be done in each of the skin files, hence we only 3 Skins now

    4. Added Auto PM Sender to new User Registrations MOD
    More still in progress

    5. Add Image Auto-Resize Mod to Board.
    Requires resynchronise addition of 2 files and resncyronisation of files for new skins

    6. Added Tell a Friend MOD.
    Needs Addition of Some Codes to the,
    ACP -> Skins & Templates -> HTML Templates -> Your Skin -> Board Index Sections -> Start Board Statistics Table ->Edit single
    for new skins

    7. Added Group Name Indicator v2.3 . A useful feature when we have many members on the site

    8. Added Enhanced ACP Stats As Post 1.4a Invision Power Board 1.3, All the Board Statistics will be posted to threads via this. and will be opened for discussion
    (Default IPB Skin Style Sheet has been updated, Need to finish for rest of skins)

    9. Added Closed Topic Strike MOD

    10. Added Multiple File Attachments MOd Users can now post multiple files upto 5 files are allowed.
    (Requires editing of skin_post.php and skin_topic.php for each new skin)

    11. Portal upgraded to version 1.2 on Jan 19,2004

    12. Manage Emoticons 2.1 has been added to board

    13. Added global annocuments MOD to the board
    Requires adding Macros and editing for skin_forum.php for new skins

    14. Added Weekly Digest mod to the forum
    Excellent MOD for sending weekly emails to users

    15. Added Complete Skin Removal 1.01 nice mod to play with lots of skins

    16. Added Clean Upload Directory 1.0 (nice mod to remove missing crap from board )

    17. Added Bo Admin Read Member PM V4 updated v1.3 Final

    18. Added Secure Login v1.1 Preveting Board Hacks, logging each and every ip to database etc.
    Settings to be done for each new skin added:
    a.Upload the skin_*** file
    b.Editing the skin_login.php
    c.resynchronisation of skin templates

    19. Member Ips 0.9 in modcp

    20. Group(s) view IPs in Profiles v1.5

    21. Anonymous Member Viewing by Group v1.0

    22.Online Today For Groups And Admins 2.0a

    23. WebLinks Mod 2.6
    a. skin_links.php to your ./Skin/sx/ folder.
    b.editing skin_global.php

    24. Download System 1.2
    a.Upload skin_downloads.php and skin_filecp.php to the Skin/sX/ directory
    b.edit /Skin/s*/skin_global.php and /Skin/s*/skin_topics.php
    c.Add Profile Addon requires, editing /Skin/s*/skin_profile.php

    25. Flash Games System
    a. Upload skin_flash.php to Skin/#1
    b. Edit skin/sx/skin_global.php

    26. Added Gallery Mod (Reflections)
    Edit skin_global for every skin

    27. Added IBGlossary mod 1.0
    Adding skin_glossary.php to each skins and edit of skin_global.php for all skins
    Have phun !!!

    28. Invision Board Statistics 1.2
    Uploading skin_Statistics.php and edit skin_global.php for each skin

    Please GUIDE me Properly.
    I have around 270+ members and 11000+ posts and dunt know how many PMs on my forums. which i do not want to loose.

    I have TRUST Vbulletin as the questions i asked in PRE-SALES Question have been answered. Waiting for some replies
    If you want, i can send you my IPB DATABASE. or tell me someway so that i can start working on converstion myself.

    Best Regards,
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