This problem with member logins is getting to be very annoying. I realize that I probably will never get this problem solved and that I will have to start searching for a message board that is more user friendly. This of course means that the important information on this message board will be lost and that I will have wasted my money. Not a pleasant option. I am upset and I really would like some answers. I would like this message board to work since it is a support forum for autoimmune diseases.

This morning several members are unable to post again. These members have all been able to post before. When they tried to post today it appeared as if they were logged in so they wrote out their post. When they clicked submit their post disappeared and they got a message saying that they were not authorized to post. I have gone so far as to delete the members having these problems so that they can re-register. The same problem occurs again.

I have been told over and over again that this has nothing to do with VBulletin and that the problem is due to something the member is doing. Each of these members has deleted their temporary internet files like Vbulletin support advised. I have checked the User CP of each of these members and they have enabled browsing with cookies etc. like Vbulletin support advised. I cannot see how the problem can be a setting on their computers when they have been able to post on this board in the past. These members all belong to other message boards and they have never run into this kind of problem before.

I would like Vbulletin to check and see if I have made an error when I set up this board that causes these intermittent posting problems. You have all the particulars on my board; I have sent them quite a number of times. I would also like to hear from other members that have experienced this problem and how they solved it.

Do members of other boards have to delete their temporary internet files and cookies each time they want to post?

Do members of other boards suddenly have problems not being able to post after they have been successful at posting?

What is the recommended "cookie timeout'?