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Is Upgrading For The Faint Of Heart?

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  • Is Upgrading For The Faint Of Heart?

    I finally got 1.1.5 working properly (only with the help of vBulletin support and my hosting company). Traffic / Participation is building and all is well. Do I dare throw a pebble in the pond??? I have no database or php experience, but I did load the vblite version successfully and on my own.

    Should I leave this upgrade to the experts?

    Will the upgrade automatically bring my templates and stuff with it?

    Oh Gosh ... I want the new stuff but don't want anything that could possibly mean downtime.

    Sounds like I need to pay to have this upgrade intalled huh?

    Whatcha think?

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    If you have no hacks or anything like that you will have no problem with the upgrade - but as always if you are not sure and can pay for it, pay for it just for your own piece of mind.


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      Destee, any and all changes to the styles/templates won't go with the upgrade. You'll have to reset your forum colors, images etc. You'll have to redo any changes you've done to the templates (albeit, the old ones will be there for you to look at.) It's taken several hours of work for us to get us back where we were before, but to just get the general stuff back, it only takes a bit. If you don't want to have your forums down for a couple of hours, I'd say don't upgrade. Stick with 1.1.5. If you have a couple of hours where you can reset your images and colors, go for it. The upgrade script itself is painless as long as you haven't added hacks into the code itself. (As a side note: go into your 1.1.5 control panel and write down the color codes in the styles section so you'll know what they are for 2.0)


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        Thank you Zecherieh and Susan ...

        I'm going to try to do this (oh God!), I mean I am a "web developer" right?! It's too late in the game for me to be acting all scared & stuff <eeeeek!>.

        Okay ... I've downloaded the upgrade, read all the instructions, verified with my host that the ALTER command will work, backed up my database, I've installed no hacks, I've copied my styles & customized templates.

        Additional Question #1 - I'm not familiar with databases so I'm wondering is this where the heart of my forum is? What all is in this database? Usernames, profiles, passwords, category titles, forum titles & descriptions, threads and each individual post? Anything else?

        Additional Question #2 - my forum is currently php3 and I'm going to php with this new upgrade. Seems that I don't have much choice here<??>. It looks like if I choose to keep php3, then I have to go into these new files and edit them all, changing all references of php to php3. This is what I'd prefer to do I think, but with every upgrade I'll have to make those same changes huh? But I don't know if my forum will run if I change everything to php (since I've never seen it run like that). Okay, bottomline ... I'm going to rename each file as well as going inside of each file and editing every reference to php (changing it to php3). Is this right?

        I plan on turning my board off during the "midnight hour," making changes and then turning it back on!

        Oh Gosh ... I hope this works!!!!

        I will be reporting back, hopefully not crying hysterically.

        If there are any additional tips or if I failed to mention something that I should be doing ... please let me know.

        BTW - Susan I visited your site and am impressed with your 9K+ members (and I thought I was doing something when I reached 50 this week) ... you go gurl!!

        Thank you both for your responses.



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          Destee don't rush it.

          Jelsoft will release a .php3 vB version 2 sometime soon.

          Also, you might want to check what php version you have on your server. If you have php under 3.0.9 the new BB _will not work properly_.

          It took me about three days of work to get all the templates edited, and everything to work fine. But I did all this on a test bulletin board, and only once I was happy with everything, I closed my real BB and did the upgrade. It went alright, and it was closed for about 4 hours - although in retrospect I could have opened it after 30 minutes, I just wanted to reindex the search before I open it, something that is redundent really.

          This is NOT an easy and swift upgrade, no matter what others say. There are many new features, many changes on the admin side, and as far as styles go, the upgrade means you have to do everything from scratch. It is time consuming and there is definitely a learning curve to go through in adjusting to the changes.

          So don't hurry into closing your forums because you may end up with them closed down for a lot longer than two hours.

          Just my two cents.


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            Thank You Bira !! Thank You All !!

            I'm with you Bira, the more I think about this, the more it frightens me. My forum has only been up for about a month and it's working beautifully (after much back & forth with support folk). As much as I want all of the new features, the features I have are brand new to me and my community. We are happy!!!

            My host was doing some maintenance today (or something) and had my forum acting ugly for just a few minutes and I was stressing and stuff! So I know how I'll be when I mess it up and can't blame it on them!! LOL!

            This is a beta version ... I'll be patient and wait till all the bugs are fixed, till the php3 version is provided, till the cows come home!!!

            I'll continue to read all of the troubleshooting of bugs the rest of you do and benefit from your experiences, so that mine is smooth and painless.

            Bira, I called my host and asked what version of php is running ... he said my site is compatible with php, all versions of php2 and php 3.0.6 and 3.0.12 <??>. Guess that means something huh?

            Thank You Thank You Thank You for helping me stop and smell the roses!



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              Destee, to find out what php version you have installed, open a new text document, write in it:

              <?php phpinfo() ?>

              save it as phoinfo.php3 and upload it to your website. Then, point your browser to where you put it (i.e. http://www.yourdomain/path/to/phpinfo.php3) - and you will find all the information you need about your php, including first and foremost the version number


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                Bira ... I did just as you instructed and at the top of the page it said:

                PHP Version 3.0.12

                Thanks again!



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                  ok, then I *think* you shouldn't have a problem upgrading where PHP is concerned. I think vB is compatible for php 3.0.9 and up. One less worry for you


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                    Thanks to you, at this moment I have not a worry in this world!

                    All is well and I'm going to bed! Hope you guys work out all the bugs. In the meantime I'll be enjoying my BRAND NEW, fully functional, vBulletin version 1.1.5 !!!




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                      the upgrade is easy...

            's getting everything converted over is the harder part. It's a little different that 1.1.5. The system conversion is flawless. If you've changed the look and feel, plan on a few hours to set everything up.

                      no worries about reliability though, it's rock solid as usual.


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