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which system is harder on a server, UBB or Vbulletin?

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  • which system is harder on a server, UBB or Vbulletin?

    I'm just wondering which technology is harder on a server, vBulletin or UBB?

    I'm currently using UBB and have about 2000 registered users but have no idea how many use the board at one time.

    We get about 30-40 posts a day but probably lots of lurkers.

    My ubb v6, beta 81 board is at

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    I want to the know the answer to this as well. My guess is UBB. It eats up CPU usage.


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      We run a very high volume board with 500+ people on at a time, and this has been our experience

      UBB 5.41 - Ran well with little server load.... except for Search wich could bring the server to its knees. Also if a forum had too many posts it could lock up. There were several times that people simply could not get in to a forum area

      UBB 6.0 b7 - Destroyed our server. Load was through the roof. We were told that the cache takes up a lot of resources at first, but we were never up long enough to see if the load would drop

      VB 1.1.5 - Higher load than UBB 5.41 but it did not slow down as dramatically as server load increased. We added more RAM to our server which made a big difference. Load after adding indexes and tweaking MySQL and PHP keeps between 2-6.

      VB 2.0 b1 - Not sure... Haven't unleashed it to our masses, early indications are that it may add some load, but honestly we are not sure. Our beta testing forum responds VERY fast so we have great hopes

      Geoff Kleinman


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        UBB is definitely harder on a server in my experience. The 5.x releases often showed corruption in forums with many posts and anytime users created a thread with more than 300 replies the entire forumindex would get clobbered. With VB I've got several threads over 1500 posts long.

        VB spreads the load between your web server and mySQL server. If they're on the same system you may not see a vast improvement, but if you have a dedicated database server, you'll see much higher availability and better site performance overall.

        Also, the 2.0.B releases seem to be more efficient when accessing the mySQL server. Forums and threads that used to take up to 20 seconds to load are now loading as fast as the client can receive them.

        Hope this answers your question.


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