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    I've never seen a question this dumb and basic, but hey, you're talkin' to someone who took several months after purchase just t' get Vbulletin running on my website!

    Anyway, I looked back in the archived posts and haven't seen it addressed, and fiddled with the help in my own "admin" section, but am still baffled. How do I post a 'sticky' note in a forum?? Yes, I am the supposed moderator of the form and can obviously post them...but, how do I go about doing that? Thanks (she says, sheepishly).....

    Jena (AKA queen Mensa! )

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    I had to add a mod to my forum to have sticky post's, i got it from

    i tryed finding it but i couldn't since i am at school and don't have much time


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      After you make the thread. Click the drop down and select edit thread, at this prompt you will see the Sticky Option you should also see it in the drop down if i remember correctly.


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