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Question... CPanel or Ensim?

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  • Question... CPanel or Ensim?

    I apologize if this thread doesn't fit here. I couldn't think of anywhere else to put it since it relates to a problem I had tonight with vB 2.3.4. I have 2.3.4 installed and tonight I started getting mysql errors pointing to file db_mysql.php. I worked with my host and it was resolved with a reboot of the server.

    The problem is that the server I'm on is using the Ensim control panel. I like Ensim a lot but the version of MySQL on there is 3.x. Apparently, they've tried getting it updated to 4.x but Ensim is slower on updates. I have the opportunity to switch to a server running CPanel and a higher version of MySQL (4.x). I'm just wondering, what is the general consensus on this issue. Does vB run better on a server with Ensim and an older MySQL or CPanel with a newer version of MySQL? Or does it just need the updated MySQL either way?

    I don't want to switch unless I have to but I will if Ensim is not good for vB. If anyone has any suggestions, I certainly appreciate them.

    Again, I apologize if this thread doesn't fit. I just want to make a wise choice before switching, going through DNS changes, and all the other fun stuff of moving to a different server if it won't make a difference.


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    I've used both. CPanel is far better IMO.
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      I prefer cpanel


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        Thanks for the responses. I'm going to be moving to a CPanel server. I'm on a server with Ensim Pro right now. Is there anything I should know before I do this? Will I need to do a full install of vB or can it just be copied over? I've saved the DB but will I need to redo all the customizations and add the one hack for a Quick Reply? I have vB 2.3.4. Sorry for all the questions. I'm just a little conserned that I need to do everything all over again, outside of the DB related stuff of course.



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