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  • Error 502 Bad Gateway

    Since upgrading to vB2 I am forever getting errors.....ones that I only very occasionally got with 1.1.5

    It must be roughly 70% of the time I get the dreaded 'Error 502 Bad Gateway' message.

    And quite often 'The server is too busy. Please try again later'.

    Is this recognised as a vB2 bug? Or is it really my host server?

    Once again, I would appreciate any help as this is most annoying.


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    This is not recognized as a bug. It sounds like your server is overloaded. Who is your host?
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    • #3 if that helps. I have noticed things are a little slow on there these days!


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        502 is an error which is usually reported by a proxy.

        If you are not using a proxy, maybe your ISP is using a "transparent" proxy, which causes that problem (this should actually forbidden... I hate ISPs doing that).

        It might be worth trying out if your local IP is different from the one your httpd reports as HTTP_REMOTE_ADDR. If it is this not the same, then you are the victim of a transparent proxy and should complain to your ISP.


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          I've connected via a couple of different ISP's maxl4n.....with no difference.

          It sometimes gets to the point where I have 100% failure and have to disconnect and start from scratch.

          I've posted a message asking my (very few) posters to let me know if they are having the same problems.


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            Are you sure you haven't configured your browser to use a proxy? It could be that even though you use different ISP's you still end up using the same proxy (and that might give you a 502 because you are not allowed to access it from your current ISP). This is just a guess, but maybe worth checking out, since 502 is definitely a proxy error message.
            502 Bad Gateway

            The server, while acting as a gateway or proxy, received an invalid response from the upstream server it accessed in attempting to fulfill the request.


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              Thanx for your input maxl4n, but I definitely haven't configured my browser to use a proxy! I have double-checked on this, although I knew I hadn't physically done this. In any case, my users are all having the same problem.

              The reason for the slight delay in replying is that I have upgraded to vB2.0.0 Beta 2, hoping that the problem might disappear. No such luck!

              I am getting inundated with emails etc from users (all 29 of them ) complaining about 502 and 'Server busy'.

              When all is said and done, these problems only arose when I upgaded to vB2 Beta 1.



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                Further, after installing and using phpMyAdmin, I'm still getting the dreaded '502' error regularly.

                At least I now know its not vB2


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                  Further, after installing and using phpMyAdmin, I'm still getting the dreaded '502' error regularly.

                  At least I now know its not vB2


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