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If i re install VB2 can i restore my backup

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  • If i re install VB2 can i restore my backup

    Hi all

    I tried to upgrade to vb3, and made a mess of it

    I made a back up in the admin cp before i done anything, also i dragged down my whole forum onto my hard drive for safe guard.

    Now i want to get my forum back to how it was so do i re install vb2 then have my server restore my back up !!!

    When i run install.php i get a warning that my database will be erased just want to make sure so i dont lose all my posts and members

    Many thanks

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    First, this will only work if the backup you made is complete. The problem with backing up via the Admin CP is that PHP will sometimes timeout causing the backup not to be complete.

    However assuming it is complet, then you don't need to reinstall. All you need to do is copy the files back to their original location and restore the db backup using the process described in Step 3 here:
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