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AIM in Memberlist with incorrect user details

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  • AIM in Memberlist with incorrect user details


    Tonight I decided to add some extra profile fields into the memberlist. What I'd like to know is why when clicking on the aim icon, the window that greets you won't allow you to send an instant message to that person.
    What's the point in having the AIM option in the memberlist when you're only given the choice of sending an instant message to 'aim'?

    Please help!

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    This also happens if I choose to have the 'Instant AIM' icon/link in a users post.
    Has anyone come across this problem or is it simply the way the AIM instructions have been written?

    another example:
    say the aim field in a profile reads 'my aim username'
    I click on the icon within the users post which brings up the instant message window.
    Choosing to send an instant message will only send it to 'AIM', never the real username entered in the users profile.

    Did this service work in the previous version of VB?