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  • Problems with member login

    I realize that you do not appreciate a member posting the same question twice but I am in a jam here. I am going back into hospital in the next two days and I need this resolved before I go. Several of my posters tell me they can no longer login to my message board with their usernames and passwords. As far as I know I have done everything to assure that they are registered members. Apparently when they try to log in they are told that there is a problem and to contact the administrator. I am the administrator and I have no idea how to fix this problem - I am too ill and tired to sit at the computer for long periods of time.

    I would also like to know where I can go to pay for someone to upgrade my board to the latest stable version.

    Please help - I really would like to get this resolved before I go to hospital.

    Thank you

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    What does the error message say?

    Also make sure they are in the Registered User Group on ACP
    (If you want Guests Posting Turned on, you have to enable per forum basis as well)
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      Have you tried to login as these members?

      Have you installed any hacks to your board?

      You are two versions behind bug fixes and updates but i dont think ive heard about this sort of problem in a stock vB 2.3.2


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        Faranth and BlueFlame

        Thanks for your replies. I have these posters in the Registered User Group in the ACP. I have not installed any hacks. I have tried to log on as these members; sometimes it works and sometimes not. The error message says, "You are not logged on as a registered user or it says the administrator has restricted you from posting.



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          Sounds odd. have you checked all your forum permissions to make sure they can post, if thats the problem. but i have no idea why they wouldnt be able to login.


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            Member login reply

            Hi Faranth,

            I have checked the forum permissions and they all have permission to post. I am going to give up with this. To tired to deal with it. I thought the message board would be a good thing to have but obviously it is not for me. I am loosing posters; they have lost interest since they cannot post.

            I do wonder if it has something to do with logging out properly after they have posted to the board.

            Thanks for all your help.



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              You could also try updating your support ticket. cary gave you a few suggestions to try. As he found, he had no problem logging in. When things like this happen it's generally something on the user end.
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