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after server move, old attachments not appearing in posts

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  • another1
    Here's the answer to my own question, just in case anyone else has the problem.

    What I had running on the old server was vB 2.3.2. I exported the MySQL database and imported it into a fresh install on the new server of vB 2.3.4. This was apparently not the right way to do this. What I should've done is upgrade 2.3.2 to 2.3.4 on the old server before I exported the DB and then imported the DB into the same version of vB on the new server.

    I went back to the old site, upgraded, exported the DB, went to the new site (already running 2.3.4), deleted the previous DB, and uploaded the new DB from the other server. The attachments work now.

    This is probably documented somewhere, but I didn't come across it.

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  • after server move, old attachments not appearing in posts

    I have found several postings about attachment problems, but none of them seemed to address attachments that were present before a server migration that now are not appearing.

    Here's the problem:
    I was on a shared hosting server, and moved to a dedicated server. Both of these were Linux servers. I exported the MySQL DB and then imported into the new server. The new installation of VB using the old DB works perfectly. Old settings are there, old messages, etc. However, the photograph attachments that people have uploaded (all photos, no other types) are not appearing. They are simply red x's. In one case, instead of the red x (that I came across, haven't looked through 100% of the attachments), the photo is a jumbled image with hundreds of multi-colored lines, as if the image was compressed or encoded incorrectly. So, in at least that one case, vB is seeing that the image, but not displaying it correctly at all.

    One of the other attachment threads I came across mentioned running the repair file, and I did that, successfully. But no luck with attachments that were already there, prior to the server migration.

    Any ideas? Thanks!
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