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    I noticed that most search engines read this code first. Is there any way I can make it stealth to the engines so they read relevant info, instead of the scrollbar code and stuff? Can I empty that field and put it at the bottom of forumhome, or something? Or, is there a way to enter a bunch of keywords above that info that engines would see, but won't show on the page?
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    Add these two meta tags to the headinclude template. If I understood correctly.

    <meta name="description" content="Your Site Description">
    <meta name="keywords" content="your,comma,delimited,keywords">

    Check your meta tags here.
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      Actually, my meta tags show up just fine, but this is what crawlers see. Put the address to your 2.3.4 forum in this...

      See what I mean? That's what google and most other crawlers tend to see...mostly your CSS, scrollbar code, etc. Now try putting the address to this forum in there. You won't see the style code first. The first text the crawlers see is very important.
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        through reading many articles and such the only way i can see to avoid it pulling up your script language and CSS is to actually design all the pages in your site as CSS
        and using includes for the pages people are going to navagate

        but keep in mind when an engine comes across your ARCHIVED board pages - it does only see relivent info
        theres still many uncomforts to web design and not all can be fixed while keeping the site working corectly.

        id like it to do what you want it to do to yours too but we need to face facts - it just wont work that way