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    Playing around with the private forums.. is it possible to make it so all users can see the forum on the listing page, but you must be an admin/moderator to see any of the messages posted in the forum?

    This is one of those must have features for me.

    thanks in advance.

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    In your forums options, there's a "hide private forums" radio button. If you choose no, you can show that the forum is there, but not allow anyone but those but admins, mods and others you choose to enter.


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      Private Forums

      I'm trying to do the same thing but without luck. I've set the "hide private forums" to "no"

      My overall goal is to have it set so that anyone can see the names of the category and it's sub-forums, but when they click on the sub-forum it takes them to the "You are not logged in or you do not have permission to access...." page.

      Right now the best I can do is when they click on the sub-forum, it provides a list of threads via forumdisplay.php but prevents access once clicking on a thread via showthread.php.

      I've only been able to do that by using the custom settings for the private forum and only setting "Can view board" to yes. If I set everything to no then the categorie disappears completely.

      Please go if you're not sure what I'm saying.

      I'll keep playing with the settings in the mean time


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        That's exactly what I'm trying to do. Turning all the options except for "view this forum" to no keeps the forum visible, but when the user clicks on it, it just shows the "there have been no messages posted in the last 30 days" message.

        Is there a way to get a custom message there.. "this is a private forum, you must be an admin or moderator to access this.. etc" ?


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          I was able to do this easily in prior versions. So I guess the question now is should I just deal with them being invisible until the next version of 2.0 comes out (if it has a fix that is) or should I continue to play with forum settings.

          Hrm, the pondering begins


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            Upon further investigation, a friend pointed out to me that you can do the following:

            Under forum and moderators - make sure that the forum is NOT set to private.

            Under User Groups and permissions - change the access masks for all the groups you don't want to be able to access a forum to custom, and check no for everything.

            That brings up the message that you cannot access the forum without being a moderator/admin, etc. if you try to access the private forum.


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              That seemed to work for the Categorie/Forum. Unfortunately any attempts to make the sub-forums visible/non-visitable have been fruitless.

              I can now get the main category to show up happily, which I guess I should be happy for. I'm just used to being able to have the sub-forums visible too.

              I don't get the message you mentioned, but I'm working on it


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